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Trixie slowly pulled her cart out of yet another town, head hung low. Ever since the "incident" in Ponyville, word had spread that she was nothing more than a charlatan.

Certainly, she embellished the truth for dramatic effect once in a while, but she really WAS the best! ...she winced as she mentally added...second best. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"I see you're feeling lonely too." Trixie raised her head, stunned, and looked around.

"Wh-who's there!? I am the Great and Powerful Trixie!"

"And I am Princess Luna." The dark pony simply laid there on a hill alongside the road.

"Princess...Luna?" Trixie focused her eyes on her. "Trixie has read about you... You're the newly redeemed sister of Celestia, are you not?"

Luna blushed. "Yes... I was in a dark place for a while." She then laughed, surprising Trixie. "I-I'm sorry, but it''s a joke about...the night."

Trixie looked up at the stars in the heavens, and the glowing orb that rested among them. ", you put all this together?"

"Yes. No one really appreciates it, though."

Trixie shook her head. "No, that is NOT true! Look at my hat!" Luna gazed upon it. "It's covered in the stars of the night sky! I... I've always loved the night."
Luna smiled. "I am glad to hear somepony finds my gift lovely." She stood up, and slowly walked over to her. Trixie's heart leaped to her throat.

"W-well, yes... I...I find the nights far lovelier now that you are back in charge of them."

"I notice you are not speaking in the third person..."

"'s an act, for local yokels. I...I put on airs, and say I'm the greatest. your presence, I just can't lie about that."

Luna was now in front of her, her coat gleaming in the starlight. "I see. I suppose your trip to Ponyville taught you some humility as well."

"Y-you too? I... I should go." Her eyes welled up with tears as she turned away to take up her yoke once more.

Luna stopped her, pushing it down with her nose. "I learned humility there as well. From the same person, in fact."
Trixie blushed. "I...I am honored to have shared an experience with one powerful as yourself."

Luna smiled gently at her, then stroked her mane with her muzzle. "That is not ALL I wish to share with you, Great and Powerful Trixie..."

Trixie stammered "W-what are y-you...?"

"Sssshhhh... I have found in you a kindred spirit, and I wish you you are not alone."

"Oh, Luna... How did you know?"

"Celestia is not the only wise one in the land now. Now hush..."
Luna softly lifted off Trixie's hat with her teeth and set it on the grass, tail swaying to and fro. Trixie stared at her in amazement, heart racing as she realized she was just touched by a goddess.

"I am not...great enough for you. Not powerful either. It was all lies, my liege..." She kneeled, tears welling up in her eyes.

"No. Not all lies. You have a genuine talent. My sister Celestia watches over Twilight. And I have not yet selected MY student." She walked over, elegance incarnate. "And I prefer a more...personal relationship."


"Didn't I tell you to shush?" She smiled as she slowly licked her along her ear. "Just relax...and let me show you the magic of a closer friendship..."
Trixie moaned softly. The tongue felt like wet moonlight gliding over her ear. Then Luna leaned in and slowly, deeply, kissed her. Her mouth opened almost reflexively, letting the moonlight into her depths, into her soul.

Her body seemed to glow with a strange new energy, a new lust. "Teach me...more..."

Luna smiled as she bit her ear with teeth that sparkled like stars, causing Trixie to cry out, wet drops falling to the dirt road. The Great and Powerful Trixie blushed furiously, ashamed at her weakness. But Luna...her goddess, her...lover...she just smiled. She smiled and licked at the ache in her ear.

Then the tongue slid over her neck. The young pony panted, wanting to lie down, but afraid to break away from her. "C-could we please...go to the grass?"

"All right, my student." She walked ahead of her to the meadows that lined the road, her tail swinging over her heavenly ass. Trixie stared after it, and thought it looked like two moons embracing.

"Are you coming?" Her starlike smile gleamed once more.

She trotted onto the grass, afraid to seem over eager. Her hind legs squished together, embarrassingly.

Luna turned around to face her, still smiling, smiling. "You crave more knowledge, Trixie?"

"Yes...I...I want to become as powerful as T-twilight..."

"That's not all you want, I think. My magic is intimate, it is hidden... And I think you desire it with all your body." This last was whispered into her ear.

Trixie flushed deeply, then nodded in assent. "Lie down then, my pupil. I shall show you directly what my magic is like."
This time, to the surprise of Trixie, it wasn't her tongue. Wings as soft as clouds swept over her chest. She relaxed more and more, sighing gently. The strange lust of the stars seemed to grow quiet, yet strong. It permeated her entire being, singing through her veins like blood.

Then, her horn made contact with her most intimate of places. She gasped, for this was nothing like she had ever felt before. Her loins felt like sparks were fizzing all over her flesh now. Truly, this was the horn that ignited the starry sky. She shuddered and cried out.

Luna lifted her horn, blushing a little. "A-are you all right? ...Trixie!?"

"P-please... Don't stop... I... I must KNOW you..."

Luna smiled in relief. Then...she rubbed her horn over her, blushing as Trixie moaned in ecstacy.
Trixie panted, seeing stars blazing brightly under her eyelids, strange new moons spinning, swelling, fading, dancing around her, as the horn moved faster and faster, faster, FASTER....!

Then she knew Goddess. She called out her name, then went limp, opening her eyes to see Luna looking at her. At HER. She blushed, then, inspired, she leaned forward and kissed the Princess herself, tongue sliding into HER mouth. The mover of the moon was surprised. Then she relaxed and returned her new student's kiss.

Trixie parted, looking at her. "...Princess Luna?"

"Please, just call me Luna." She leaned down and nuzzled her.

"...Luna. Shall I show you what I learned?"

She blushed, then nodded. Trixie smiled. The night was young. And the guider of the heavens was at her side. So they knew one another.
A short story about the Great and Powerful Trixie's apprenticeship with Princess Luna.

A fanfiction for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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