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Once upon a time, Twilight Mary got a message from Princess Celestia. Evidently, her silly younger sister Luna had dropped five small stars when she put the night sky in place! They had fallen into the Everfree Forest, so she was asked to find them. Twilight packed up all her things in her saddlebags, and left her home to find them.

Walking down the street, Twilight saw a very strange building. It looked almost like it was made of Gingerbread! Curious, she stepped inside and saw somepony very strange: a pink pony with balloons on her flank, decorating her shop with streamers! Twilight Mary asked her who she was, and was told that she was Pinkie Pie, the best pony at throwing parties in all of Equestria. So Twilight asked her to come with her and find the missing stars, and she said "Okey Doky Loki!"

Two ponies then trotted along their way, and they met another pony, who was hitting a tree with her hooves. They asked her what she was doing, only to be hit on their heads by apples. Her name was Applejack, and she was the best at bucking apples in all of Equestria. So they asked her to come with them to find the missing stars, and she said, "Shore, Ah'll help y'all wrangle those stars!"

Three ponies trotted along, and they found a unicorn who was making a lovely dress covered in sparkly jewels for the younger Princess. Her name was Rarity, and she was the best at making pretty things in all of Equestria. They asked her to help them find the missing stars, and she said, "Why, of COURSE, darrrrling!"

Four ponies trotted along, until they discovered a yellow Pegasus counting baby bunnies. Her name was Fluttershy, and she was the best at making friends with animals in all of Equestria. They asked her to help them find the missing stars, and she said, "Um, sure, if that's okay..."

Five ponies trotted along, only to be caught in a big thunderstorm. They got all wet and were really sad. Then a blue blur swirled around in the sky, and the stormclouds all went away at once! The blue Pegasus then swooshed among them and got all the water off lickety-split. She announced herself to be Rainbow Dash, the fastest weather pony in all of Equestria! When they told her they were looking for the missing stars, she grinned and said "I'm comin' with ya! You fillies'll need MY speed!"

So, having made five friends, Twilight Mary trotted off into the Everfree Forest. It was dark and spooky, full of weird creatures and strange things.

Applejack wondered how they would ever find the stars in all this dark forest. Twilight told her that she had been given a magical whatsit that would wiggle whenever they were close to one of the stars. Just then, it wiggled and it wriggled in her bag. The ponies looked all around them, but they couldn't see a single star, just a silly bunny staring at them curiously.

Fluttershy smiled at the bunny, and started speaking to it in the quiet language of rabbits. It spoke to her and she told the others that the rabbits had found the sparkly star on the ground. They liked it, so they took it away down into their burrows underneath them. So the yellow Pegasus asked that they give it back, please. And they did since she asked so nicely. Twilight Mary put the star into her pouch made for them, and thanked Fluttershy for her help. That made her friend blush!

The ponies walked along until they spotted a sparkly star sitting up in the boughs of a big, very old and leafless apple tree. Rainbow Dash said that it was too full of prickly twigs to fly into. Pinkie said it was too full of ouchy branches to climb. Then, Applejack said she could buck the star down with her award-winning back hooves. The others backed up, and watched in awe as she hit the tree just so, so that the star tumbled down into her mouth, without any branches tumbling down on top of the honest pony. They all cheered as Twilight put away the wayward star.

They began walking through the forest once more, until they heard a sad crying through the trees. Following the noise to where it was coming from, they found a bear sobbing all alone in his cave. His name was Harry, and it was his birthday. He had sent dozens of invitations to all his friends, but nobody had come to his dark and dingy cave, not even just to wish him Happy Birthday! Pinkie Pie squinted her eyes and said she would throw him the best dang party EVER! She became a pink blur and put up streamers, inflated balloons that floated to the ceiling with dangly strings, set up a table with punch and cake, and managed to put a nice fitting party hat on everyone there.

Harry the bear smiled, glad to see his cave looking so nice, almost like a house! And best of all, there were volleyballs and seashells on the hats, which were his favorite things. Soon, all the forest animals came out to find this amazing party, with music coming from the gramophone Pinkie had with her, and they wished Harry a happy birthday and joined in the fun. Thanking them for making his birthday amazing, he gave them a star he had found. Twilight tucked it away into her pouch and danced off with her friends in a conga line.

Soon they found a river, and Twilight's whatsit wiggled, telling the ponies that the third star was somewhere nearby. A purple sea serpent named Steven Magnet was lying down on an inflatable bed in the river, relaxing coolly with shades on his eyes and with a new necklace around his neck. The necklace had a star on it! Twilight Mary asked him to give them the star politely, but he looked at them and said it was the most smashing thing he had found to wear in a while. So, Steven said that he would only give it to them if they gave him something even cooler to wear. Rarity narrowed her eyes and said, "It. Is. ON." She took out her fashion tools from her saddlebags, and quickly put together an amazing red vest with sparkly rubies in it, and a neat fez with an orange tassel. Steven Magnet gasped and put them on, looking at himself in a mirror. He gladly gave them the star, saying he had never looked so marvelous before! So Twilight Mary tucked the star away into her pouch and crossed the river with her friends.

On the other side of the river was the last little star, dashing and whizzing through the forest, giggling at how fast it was. So, Rainbow Dash challenged it to a race, making a bet to make sure it would go back into the sky. The shooting star accepted, and the race was on! PHWOOSH! WOOSH! WIZZZ-PA-ZING! KaaaBOOOM! Rainbow Dash made a Sonic Rainboom, and made the star gasp, saying she was faster than light! After a nice hug, the star joined the others in the special pouch.

Twilight Mary then used her magic to take all her friends over to Celestia's castle in Canterlot, just in time for sunset. Luna hugged Twilight and all her friends for giving her back the stars, then flew off to prepare a beautiful night sky for all to marvel at.

A fairy tale I wrote for my little sister, starring her OC (which is named after her and her favorite pony).

Comments will be appreciated. :3

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
VaguelyCreepy Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011  Student General Artist
Aw, that's really sweet. I'm sure your sister appreciates it. :)
weemadtommy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011
That was . . . AWESOME /)^3^(\
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